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Stainless Steel Wire Balustrading & Trellising Services of Fasteners Direct

Stainless-Steel Wire balustrades or trellis is a great choice for your decks, terraces, or balconies. It gives you a wide range of systems that perfectly suit all your requirements. More than that, it is aesthetically suitable for both timber and metal posts.

Why use Timber with Stainless Steel Wire?

Timber’s earthy, wooden texture compliments the sleek, modern finish of stainless-steel wire. It is great use for your balcony and decks or as a trellis for creeper vines. 

Why use Metal with Stainless Steel Wire?

Using metal along with the stainless-steel wire as railings or trellis gives your house a modern feel.  Adding wire balustrades will give a minimalist feel to the aesthetics and does not take attention away from your surroundings.


  • No need to worry about constantly cleaning or maintaining your balustrade or trellis. 
  • Durability means performing fewer repairs on the railing.
  • Stainless-Steel Wire balustrade will help with ventilation.
  • Balustrade railings are very open, which allows the free flow of air through your balcony and decking area.


These are the reasons to invest in Stainless-Steel Wire balustrading or trellis.  It works well with any home design whether indoors or outdoors! 

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