We have a huge range of washers including square, flat and spring washers.  Not only do we have zinc, galvanised and stainless steel washers, we also have nylon washers.

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Flat washer

Flat washer

Available in zinc, galvanised and stainless steel 304 and 316, Sizes from M3 – M30.

Structural washer

Structural Washer

These galvanised structural washers are available in sizes from M12 – M24.

Spring washer metric

Spring Washer - Metric

Available in zinc, galvanised and stainless steel 304 and 316.  Sizes M6 – M30 available.

Spring washer metric

Spring Washer - Imperial

Available in zinc only.  Sizes from 5/16 through to 7/8.

Square washer

Square Washers

Available in zinc, galvanised ans stainless steel 304 and 316. Sizes from M10 – M20.

Nylon washer

Nylon Washer

Used in a wide variety of applications, these nylon washers come in sizes from M4 – M16.

What Is the Point of a Structural Washer?

Often when people take a look at a machine or structure, they are less likely to notice the little details such as a structural washer. Although minuscule and minute, objects such as fasteners play a pivotal role in assembling objects and structures as they are ultimately responsible for keeping things from falling apart. By educating you on how to best utilise our building and machinery components, you can complete your builds with confidence.

The Importance of Washers

Washers tend to have a similar design: a tiny, flat metal disc with a hole meant for screws or bolts. These small machinery components might look like they cannot bring much to the table but are extremely important for heavy-duty projects. Mostly found on heavy machinery, washers come in a variety of shapes such as the:

  • Flat washer. What people also call plain washers, these components are the most common and serve in industrial and domestic projects alike. A regular feature on electrical appliances, these fastenings components help with insulation and are also applicable as spacers.
  • Spring washer. Noticeable due to a gap in its body, you can also refer to these components as split lock or split ring washers. Usually forming part of machinery that generates a vibration, split ring washers help to keep fasteners tight while moving about.
  • Square washer. Square washers look exactly like their namesake, with four flat angles surrounding a circular bolt hole. These components help spread the loads that bolts carry, thereby increasing turning resistance and improving overall strength. Because washers overlap bolts, they act as a second line of defence.

How to Extend the Life of Your Machinery and Construction Components

Although metal is malleable and durable, it does have some weaknesses that could influence your machinery or structures. By taking note of the following, you can extend the lifetime of your machines and buildings:

Fasteners Direct
  • Decrease friction. If you work with machines that have several moving parts, you should be conscious of thorough lubrication. Because metal has a rough exterior, it can easily create large amounts of heat and friction when coming into contact with other moving metal parts.
  • Regularly replace components. When possible, you should inspect your machinery or structures for faulty or broken components, as one weak point can result in an entire machine breaking down. By taking time to replace one faulty part, you might be saving a large amount of capital in the long run.
  • Avoid moisture. Rust is metal’s worst enemy and can eat away at alloys at extreme rates when you are not aware of it. By keeping your machines and structures dry, you can avoid moisture build-up and eventual degradation.

Why You Should Buy Our Washers in Brisbane

Operating as a local family business for close to a quarter-century, we can apply our experience to understand the specific challenges that our customers face when acquiring their construction components. By providing you with an extensive range of products, we allow you to get everything you require under one roof.

For more on how we can make a success of your residential and commercial projects, be sure to contact us.