Timber connectors

Fasteners Direct have all the timber connectors you need to complete your project. These timber connectors for connecting timber-to-timber and timber-to-concrete are available to use in a range of trade and home renovator projects to ensure structurally sound applications.  We only stock the best quality timber connectors to ensure you only have to do the job once. All of our timber connectors are strong, easy to install, and well designed connectors for many timber beam to beam joints

Our range includes products in stainless steel, galvanised and zinc such as angle brackets, post supports, threaded rod and also aluminium brackets.

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Angle brackets

Angle brackets

When you need heavy-duty, multi-purpose angle brackets for use in the construction of decks, gazebos and pergolas, we have them all. A full range of stainless, zinc and galvanised angle brackets.

Post supports

Post supports

When using timber deck posts, it is highly recommended to connect your timber posts to the deck footings using a post support, metal stirrup or bracket. All types of post supports available at Fasteners Direct.

Threaded rod

Threaded rod

We have all the threaded rod you need! Our threaded rod is manufactured to the highest standards so you wont be disappointed with the quality of our threaded rod range.

Timber connectors

Timber connectors

We stock a huge variety of timer connectors.

Handrail brackets

Aluminium handrail brackets

These lightweight aluminium handrail brackets are perfect when you need a bracket that is strong and long wearing.

Get Your Timber Connectors Here

Do you need to connect timber to timber or timber to concrete? Chances are you’re looking for one of our timber connectors. Timber connectors are a type of metal fastener that connects two surfaces together. We can supply you a threaded rod and various types of connectors, such as angle brackets and post supports.

Fasteners Direct only stocks the top brands to ensure that our timber connectors are high quality and fit for the task. All our timber connectors are strong, easy to install and well-designed.

What You Need To Know About Angle Brackets

Angle brackets are a common L-shaped type of timber connector that usually connects two surfaces at a perpendicular angle. These metal brackets attach with screws on each surface. Here are some benefits of angle brackets:

  • Extra support: Angle brackets support heavy structures such as shelves that hold books or files. This technique transfers the weight onto the angle bracket and allows the appropriate strength to secure the shelves.
  • Versatile: These brackets have many applications and are also used with wooden frame structures as well as chairs and tables. You can also get decorative brackets that work on doors and other structures.
  • Easy to use: Angle brackets are simple to install and only need a few screws to secure them to the surface. You don’t need to use many brackets on one angled area. Simply place them on the angle and fasten them to each surface. These brackets are also affordable, and it’s always good to keep a few extra around.

To find out more about the specific angle brackets we supply, visit our product page.

What You Need To Know About Post Supports

Have you ever wondered how to attach posts or poles to the ground without digging a hole? Post supports are the solution. There are many types of post supports, such as T, U, H, and L-types, each letter describing their shape. Here are some reasons you may need some post supports:

  • Termites: When putting wood straight into the ground, the timber very quickly gets destroyed by termites or moisture. Using post supports can protect the pole and preserve its life span. Our galvanised metal also prevents the post supports from corrosion.
  • No need for digging and concrete: Using post supports will allow you to install poles neatly and without much excavation, which is often required by building codes and regulations to prevent unnecessary damage.
  • Stability: Post supports enhance the stability of a pole that may otherwise become loose with time. To ensure your fences, playsets, or pergolas are secure, order post supports from Fasteners Direct now.

Fasteners Direct Is the Choice for You

We have been in the industry for over 20 years, faithfully supplying the construction and manufacturing spheres with tools to do their work. Our goal is to provide our clients with top-quality products at affordable prices. We deliver to your home to ensure that you can get your job done in record time. We also stock many other products to help you in your building project.

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