Screws and rivets

If you need any types of screw or rivets, Fasteners Direct have it in stock.

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Screws: Screws provide more strength and holding power than nails. Additionally, if something needs to be disassembled, screws can easily be removed. Like nails, screws are available with different coatings to deter rust.

A poor quality screw can mean the difference between a good working piece of equipment, or a pile of trash. Quality matters  as the structural integrity and the overall functionality of a project may be at risk if low-grade screws or fastener are used instead of high-quality ones.

Here are some good reasons why quality screws and fasteners are essential:

Keeps things in place – these small, seemingly insignificant hardware supplies ensure that built items are kept in together.

Safety – not only do screws, and fasteners keep things in place they keep things safe as well.  While it is perfectly fine for a piece of furniture to lose one quick-drive screw, the loss of one screw on a structural build could mean life or death.

Ensuring structural integrity – using a good quality screw will ensure that the items you build will last a lifetime.

Fasteners Direct can always assist you with your choice of screws. Call our friendly staff and they will be able to help you with your fasteners choices.

Screws, Screws and rivets


A full range of stainless, zinc and galvanised screws.

Screws, Screws and rivets


If you need rivets, we have a huge range of stock. There are a number of types of rivets, designed to meet different cost, accessibility, and strength requirements and include solid rivets, blind rivets and semi-tubular rivets.

Screws, Screws and rivets

Quick drive screws

A complete range of quick-drive screws to suit most guns. Our quick-drive screws virtually eliminates splitting of hardwood decking and there is no pre-drilling required in softwood joists.