Screws and rivets

If you need any types of screw or rivets, Fasteners Direct have it in stock.

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Screws: Screws provide more strength and holding power than nails. Additionally, if something needs to be disassembled, screws can easily be removed. Like nails, screws are available with different coatings to deter rust.

Quality matters  as the structural integrity and the overall functionality of a project may be at risk if low-grade screws or fastener are used instead of high-quality ones.

Fasteners Direct can always assist you with your choice of screws. Call our friendly staff and they will be able to help you with your fasteners choices.



A full range of stainless, zinc and galvanised screws.



If you need rivets, we have a huge range of stock. There are a number of types of rivets, designed to meet different cost, accessibility, and strength requirements and include solid rivets, blind rivets and semi-tubular rivets.

Quick drive screws

Quick drive screws

A complete range of quick-drive screws to suit most guns. Our quick-drive screws virtually eliminates splitting of hardwood decking and there is no pre-drilling required in softwood joists.

Where To Buy Screws in Brisbane

Are you out of fasteners? Whether it’s an incomplete shelf or a broken desk, we constantly need screws and rivets in the house. Only the best quality screws are worth buying.

If you need to buy screws in Brisbane, get in touch with Fasteners Direct to finish your DIY project before someone calls the carpenter to do it for you. We provide top-quality products and always strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Galvanised Screws and Rivets We Stock

Regarding holding things together, that’s what we do best. Each job requires a very specific tool. Our team is here to help you choose the right fastener for your task. Consider some of the many fasteners we supply:

  • Screws: Screws excel over nails in jobs that require more strength and also make it easy to disassemble an item. We offer a wide range of screws for masonry, timber, metal, and concrete surfaces. These come in zinc, galvanised, or stainless steel, depending on your need. You can view more about the specific screws we stock on our product page.
  • Rivets: Rivets are mechanical metal fasteners that work by expanding when pushed into a hole so that both sides securely fasten two materials together. This effect is achieved by applying force to one end of the rivet with a rivet gun. Rivets are common when attaching signs to a wall or other applications where only one side is accessible.
  • Quick drive screws: These auto-feed screws are designed for use with a screw gun. The strip of quick drive screws attaches to the tool and can be operated very quickly. These are prized for their efficiency and their ease of use.
Galvanised deck screws

If there are any other fasteners you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. If we don’t have the product, we can order them.

Why Get Your Stainless Screws From Us

If you stay near Brisbane, Fasteners Direct is the company for you. We go the extra mile with our customers. There are many reasons you should consider us as your fastener supplier:

  • Top Brands: Fasteners Direct is a family-owned business with more than 20 years of industry experience. We ensure that we only stock top-quality brands so that you can get the job done the first time. All our staff are highly qualified and knowledgeable in the industry, and we offer our advice free of charge regarding your DIY questions.
  • Delivery: We offer an on-site delivery when you need your fasteners to come to you. We always strive to deliver on the same day, otherwise, we guarantee that you will receive your order within 24 hours.
  • Any product: We are proudly always in stock of a variety of brands for your convenience, so you’ll never need to wait for your product to arrive. If there’s a product that’s you’re unable to find, our friendly staff will happily source this part for you.

About Fasteners Direct

Fasteners Direct is an established and reputable company that has provided top-quality service to clients throughout Queensland, Australia, for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on being entirely customer-focused, aiming to serve our clients as best we can.

For fast, reliable and quality products and services, please contact Fasteners Direct now to get a quote.