Stainless Steel Nuts

Fasteners Direct have a variety of nuts available in stainless steel, zinc and galvanised.

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Hex nut

Hex nuts

Available in zinc, galvanised, stainless 304 and 316 with sizes from M3 – M30.

Dome nut

Dome Nut

Available in stainless steel, galvanised and zinc.  Sizes from M4 – M16.

Nyloc nut

Nyloc Nuts

Available in galvanised, zinc and stainless 304 and 316. Sizes M3 – M20.

Wing nut

Wing Nut

Most wing nuts available in zinc and stainless steel 304 and 316. Sizes M6 – M10.

Coupler nut

Coupler Nut

Most available in zinc, galvanised and stainless 316.  Sizes M6 – M16.

Tee nut

Tee Nut

Available in a range of sizes from 7mm – 16mm and zinc plated.

Nut inserts

Nut Inserts

Available in a variety of sizes and configurations.  Galvanised and stainless steel.

Nylon nut

Nylon nut

Nylon nuts are available in a variety of sizes.  Available by request.

Securing Your Builds With Stainless Steel Nuts

When undertaking a construction project, refurbishing your home or business, or crafting something on the weekend, you can never go wrong with using stainless steel nuts to keep everything in place. Also known as fasteners, these products serve as an added security measure that allows you to tighten bolts to your liking and helps to ensure that your structure or product does not unravel when experiencing stress. If you are unsure about what fasteners you require for your build, let us give you a better idea.

The Types of Fasteners That We Supply and Their Roles

Available in a large variety of shapes and designs, fasteners usually have specific applications dependent on their physical properties, such as the coupler nut, which acts as a connection between the threading of two rods or pipes. By getting a better idea of what your project requires, we can advise you on the most suitable fit. Some of the fasteners that we offer are:

  • Hex nuts. Hex fasteners take their name from their hexagonal shape and can be found in machinery and on certain tools. These fasteners are some of the most common and are the reason why we supply the zinc, galvanised, and stainless alloy variations.
  • Dome nuts. A dome nut boasts an interesting shape, as the fastener covers the threading side of a bolt with a half-circle, thereby protecting and concealing the bolt. Dome fasteners are fantastic as they protect the objects and inhabitants in the surrounding area from receiving scratches from protruding bolts and screws.
  • Nyloc nuts. Nyloc fasteners are unique as they form part of the locking fastener family, which means that these products are less likely to unscrew when experiencing movement. Locking fasteners are fundamental to mobile objects such as lawnmowers, as they can deal with vibrations that might loosen regular fasteners.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Construction Products?

We understand that time is an important factor and that failure is not an option. By maintaining a consistent standard of safety and performance across all our products, we can state with confidence that our products can last a lifetime. We do things differently through our:

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  • By stocking an almost endless amount of all our products, we can supply larger commercial projects.
  • Cost-effectiveness. We believe that everyone should have access to quality products, and if we can help have your dream realised, we are doing our jobs right.
  • Customer support. Whether you need help deciding which product is best for you or would like to get a second opinion, you are more than welcome to work with one of our knowledgeable staff.

About Fasteners Direct

For close to 30 years, we have been able to supply Australia with trustworthy and affordable construction products, helping our clients make a success of their commercial and personal construction projects. From a homemade go-cart to a treehouse, we are certain that our products can make your life a lot easier.

If you would like more information on our product offerings, feel free to contact us today.