Nails and staples

Our nails and staple range includes some of the best brands with products including brads, loose nails, framing nails and staples.

The thick, hot dipped galvanised coating on framing nails ensures they give you the maximum corrosion resistance with the exception of stainless steel but a fraction of the cost. Most suited to timber building frame work exposed to salt air, patios, formwork, pallet or similar construction, quality framing nails make for a quality job.

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Nails, Nails and staples


We stock a range of brads to suit all applications.

Nails, Nails and staples

Coil Bostich

We have a range of coil nails available.

Nails, Nails and staples

Coil Durofast

Our durofast range is extensive to suit a range of nail guns.

Nails, Nails and staples

Framing nails

We stock a number of different sizes for framing nails. Our quality supply of framing nails wont let you down. Order your framing nails today!

Nails, Nails and staples

Loose Nails

We have loose nails for all applications. Stainless, galvanised, zinc and specialty nails.

Nails, Nails and staples


We have all types of staples to suit a range of staple guns.

Nails, Nails and staples


If you need T-nails, we have them in stock.