Silt fencing

Fasteners Direct has silt fencing available to ensure you meet work site regulations.

When bare ground is exposed during construction or other activities, the soil is prone to erosion when it rains. The erosion can have severe impacts on waterways and wetlands, creating muddy water that harms aquatic life and creates silt buildup. It’s also an expensive problem in piped drainage systems. When the pipes fill with mud, there is reduced capacity to carry off storm water, which in turn can cause flooding in urban areas.

In instances where the ground itself is contaminated, the contaminants can be carried into waterways through erosion.

How to prevent erosion

Compliant silt fence, sediment and erosion control devices are important. It is also important that they’re now in place and correctly installed with the wet season currently underway. Correct installation of quality sediment control devices prevents silt, soil and other debris from construction sites and the like running into our local waterways. If that isn’t enough of a motivation, failing to install a compliant erosion control device can result in an on the spot fine. These fines are extremely high – don’t be the one wishing you had done it properly in the first place.


Silt fence