Horseshoe packers

If you are looking for a shimming solution that can stand up over time, is resistant to environmental changes and can withstand heavy duty compression, these horseshoe packers are perfect for your job.  For accurate and die-straight construction, you need to use a horseshoe packer that will guarantee a great result every time.

Many builders may be tempted to use poor quality shimming techniques like slices of timber or material that is susceptible to wear and tear. At Fasteners Direct, we have a range of horseshoe packers available in various sizes, which are made from solid polypropylene.  Polypropylenea can withstand huge amounts of pressure between surfaces and substrates without deforming or moving.

Most construction builds are measured in micro millimetre to ensure accurate levelling.  With most vertical surfaces, there are often challenges with attaching new components to existing infrastructures. These challenges are most common around window and door frames when attaching new components such as brackets, panels and metal plates. The material irregularities will form gaps between the attached items and the surface causing both visual and structural issues. These gaps create a weak point of fixing for screws, nails or any other kind of anchor.

In order to solve the gap issues, horseshoe packers can be used. We have a range of sizes in stock including the four common gauges which are 1, 2, 5 and 10mm, all of which are colour-coded. This helps to ensure that you are using the right sized horseshoe packer without having to check the size.

Horseshoe packers are ideal for door or window frame levelling, wall, ceiling batten and joinery packing, and floor joist packing.

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