Drill Bits Brisbane

If you need drill bits for metal, plasterboard, timber, concrete, tiles or specialty materials, Fasteners Direct have exactly what you need.

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Auger drill bit

Auger drill bits

Wood auger drill bits in a variety of sizes

Countersunk drill bit

Countersunk Drill Bits

Countersunk drill bits for timber, metal, plasterboard and concrete.

Spade bit

Spade Bits

A range of spade bits in a variety of sizes.

Turbomax 4 cutter

Turbomax 4 Cutter

Turbomax 4 cutter is four times faster than standard spade bits.

Carbon dies

Carbon Dies

A variety of carbon dies available in all sizes.

Drill bits


A variety of HCC Taps for bottoming, intermediate and taper.

Masonry drill bit

Masonry Drill Bits

We have a range of masonry drill bits.

The Widest Range of Drill Bits in Brisbane

If you are looking for drill bits in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. Different materials require different drill bits. Whether you need to drill into metal, wood, concrete, plastic, tile, plasterboard, or any other material, you will find a solution for your application at Fasteners Direct. We also carry a wide range of drill bits for specialty materials.

Drilling is an inevitable part of most industries, from building and construction to manufacturing, DIY home renovations, etc. Having the right drill bit for your application is important as it ensures the optimal efficacy of your fixing and fastening activities. Drill bits are highly specialised, with millions of dollars going in to research and development every year to increase the efficacy and longevity of drill bits.

Some Common Types of Drill Bits

In addition to drill bits for specific materials like metal, masonry, tiles, plasterboard and more, there are also drill bits for different applications. Making sure you use the correct bit for your application will help you achieve the best outcomes.

  • Auger drill bits: These drill bits are for drilling large diameter, deep holes in wood or thick boards. These bits are not ideal for electric drills since the threaded centre pulls into the timber. Thus, their best use is with a hand brace.
  • Countersunk drill bits: These are some of the most commonly used drill bits today. A countersink drill bit with a clearance drill drills a hole with the wider bit at the top, forming the recess for the head of the screw, allowing the screw head to be sunk in, and be flush with the workpiece. It is common to use these drill bits for softer materials like wood and plastics.
  • Spade bits: If you want to drill a large hole in timber, a spade bit is likely your best bet. The sharp centre point ensures the correct location, and the flat steel parts on either side cut away the timber on either side. These bits typically require a fairly powerful drill.

Fixing and Fastening Professionals in Brisbane

We carry an extensive range of drill bits in stock. Our customers can either stop by to buy their drill bits or conveniently order them online for delivery within 24 hours anywhere in Brisbane. If you don’t find the drill bit you need here; you are unlikely to find it anywhere.

Fasteners Brisbane
  • We carry the widest range of drill bits from some of the world’s most prominent brands and manufacturers. We carry the full range of standard drill bits and most specialty bits for specific materials or applications.
  • We offer a range of top-quality carbon dies in all sizes for cutting your own threads into metal pieces or repairing threads. These are usually used for fixing and fastening applications on machines and in the automotive and engineering industries. We also offer the full range of HSS taps for cutting or repairing nuts.
  • The Turbomax 4 Cutter represents the latest development in spade bits, cutting up to four times faster than a traditional spade bit.

If It Makes a Hole, We’ve Got it

Whatever your application, we have the ideal drill bit for your application. If by chance, we do not have a solution for your application in stock, we will always go the extra mile to find and order it for you.

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