Drill Bits

If you need drill bits for metal, plasterboard, timber, concrete, tiles or specialty materials, Fasteners Direct have exactly what you need.

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Auger drill bit

Auger drill bits

Wood auger drill bits in a variety of sizes

Countersunk drill bit

Countersunk Drill Bits

Countersunk drill bits for timber, metal, plasterboard and concrete.

Spade bit

Spade Bits

A range of spade bits in a variety of sizes.

Turbomax 4 cutter

Turbomax 4 Cutter

Turbomax 4 cutter is four times faster than standard spade bits.

Carbon dies

Carbon Dies

A variety of carbon dies available in all sizes.

Drill bits


A variety of HCC Taps for bottoming, intermediate and taper.

Masonry drill bit

Masonry Drill Bits

We have a range of masonry drill bits.

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