High tensile bolts

When you need high tensile bolts, Fasteners Direct are here to help. Tensile strength, also known as ultimate tensile strength or UTS, refers to the maximum amount of stress a bolt can withstand before it fails to perform correctly. When stress pushes industrial fasteners past their tensile strength, they may not only fail, but break as well. The amount of stress each bolt is able to withstand is defined by its grade, which is measured using force per unit area. For instance, an 8.8 grade high tensile bolt can withstand 45 to 49.9 metric tonnes for each 6.45 cm².

Because these fasteners and fixings have a higher tensile strength than a regular bolt, they are much more popular to use, and for good reason.

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High tensile bolt

high tensile bolts

A full range of stainless, zinc and galvanised bolts.

high tensile fittings

A full range of stainless, zinc and galvanised bolts.

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